Structural Health Monitoring - SHM

Monitoring the Health of Materials and Structures

Early detection of potential damage, anticipating it even before it occurs is the assurance of operating with complete peace of mind.

Our solutions for real-time monitoring of your equipment allow you, for example, to monitor any damage detected during an inspection and continue to operate safely while corrective measures are scheduled.

Solutions for all types of equipment, in all industries

Pipelines, reactors, rails, storage tanks, structures, etc. Our solutions ensure continuous monitoring of all types of damage. Thanks to our advanced systems of connected sensors, or through periodic checks at varying intervals, you save time and money and make informed decisions regarding the maintenance of your equipment.

An expertise of your processes

Your equipment is precious, and you know its history and constraints. Our team of experts in damage mechanisms and materials allows you to know them even better by understanding the phenomena at work. We offer you an adapted follow-up according to methodologies that comply with applicable codes and standards.

On the basis of this inspection data, our experts can accompany you further with Fitness For Service solutions, and more generally Mechanical Integrity solutions in order to project you serenely towards your future operations.

INTꓥCT develops, with an industrial partner of reference, technologies in the SHM. One of them is a multi-element connected probe that allows remote (1) control of the operating mode of an equipment, (2) collection of inspection data, (3) post-processing and (4) analysis and expertise.