About us

  • Building on the technological breakthroughs to which it has contributed, EKOSCAN created INTꓥCT at the end of 2020 to develop engineering activities and services of Non-Destructive Testing by ultrasound and mechanical integrity.
  • Following several years of fruitful collaboration with EKOSCAN, a leading industrialist has taken a minority stake in INTꓥCT.
  • The ambition of the 2 partners is to develop together the best technologies and best practices for inspections, monitoring and predictability of the health of industrial equipment, for the benefit of the whole industry.
  • INTACT is made up of a team of certified experts to carry out on-site missions all over the world, both in Non-Destructive Testing and Mechanical Integrity.
  • Through its international network, INTACT has the ability to mobilize qualified resources to meet the needs of its clients.

INTACT / EKOSCAN / EXTENDE on-site operations












Oil and Gas

  • INTACT is driven by strong values:
  • Its customers: our team of specialists is there to accompany you, understand your needs and help your vision come true; our listening, reactivity and agility are there for you.
  • Safety: being at your side to conduct your operations safely today and tomorrow
  • Innovation: INTACT invests every year in research and innovation to stay at the forefront of technology and meet your most demanding expectations.
  • INTACT collaborates closely with EKOSCAN (manufacturer of equipment for non-destructive inspection by ultrasound) and its sister company EXTENDE (world leader in NDT simulation) in order to bring you answers that allow you to go further.

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