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Non-Destructive Testing

INTꓥCT has given itself the mission of providing tailor-made solutions to the most demanding Non-Destructive Testing needs.

Our team of engineers, researchers and technicians is at your disposal to implement relevant and reliable inspection strategies. Target is to control your maintenance and renewal expenses, guarantee the safety of people and property and reduce your environmental footprint.

INTꓥCT accompanies you with studies specific to your equipment and your problems, personalized engineering and a service offer in state-of-the-art Non-Destructive Testing by ultrasound.

Services adapted to each sector of industry

INTꓥCT carries out inspections for various industries: petrochemical, railway, nuclear, energy, aeronautics, boilermaking, etc.

During each mission, INTꓥCT understands your needs and implements the appropriate inspection procedures in accordance with the standards of your sector. From the development of your inspection solution to the acquisition on your equipment and the drafting of inspection procedures validated by our engineers, INTꓥCT does everything possible to start your inspection quickly and in the best conditions.

Listening, reactivity and agility are our key words to ensure the smooth operation and reliability of your installations.

Constantly evolving inspection technologies

Ultrasonic NDT technologies have undergone major technological breakthroughs over the last 10 years.

INTꓥCT, in partnership with EKOSCAN (Non-Destructive Testing equipment) and EXTENDE (world leader in Non-Destructive Testing simulation), is at the forefront of technology and innovation thanks to constant investment in the most efficient inspection tools. With its R&D laboratory and partners specialized in advanced fields such as simulation, signal processing or robotics, INTꓥCT develops the most advanced inspection solutions. As an example, INTꓥCT is able to rebuild your equipment in 3D and display inspection results in that model to enhance its analysis.

On the basis of these inspection data, kept over the lifetime of the equipment, our experts accompany you further with solutions for Monitoring the Health of Materials and Structures or Mechanical Integrity in order to project you serenely towards your future operations.

World leader of NDT simulation